Why You Still Need a “Business Card Wallet”

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It’s easy to use social media to find someone’s contact information and build your business network. Even if you add a message explaining who you are, adding someone to LinkedIn can feel impersonal. This works best if you have a real-life connection. However, it can be frustrating if there hasn’t been any networking before. These are five reasons why business card wallet are still important and how they can help to make stronger connections with the right people.

Business Card Wallet Establish a Personal Connection

Handing out business cards is a simple way to communicate to someone that you are interested in building a lasting relationship. Although you can scan the card later to connect digitally, handing out a business card wallet is still the best way to share information with new contacts. Keep business cards safe and organized in a small card holder.

They are a great marketing tool by Business Card Wallet

With a professional appearance, your logo, brand colours and fonts can convey some of your business’ personality. Your business card printed on premium card stock gives it more gravitas.

Don’t assume that professional means conservative. Business cards are primarily about demonstrating your knowledge and expertise. Include credentials, such as accreditations, registrations, and qualifications that are relevant to your business line or target audience on your card.

An announcement about your arrival can be made 

500 years ago, merchants and aristocrats handed their doorperson a card to indicate their arrival. This practice is still being used in certain situations. Business cards can be a great marketing tool for promoting your business in new areas. It helps security staff and receptionists confirm your identity before you meet with a potential client.

They share your preferred contact information

You can create your own business cards that you use to establish direct relationships. This makes it easier for people to recall you and to contact you directly via email and mobile, rather than through a gatekeeper. The benefits of business card wallet  can be used to add a personal touch and build ongoing, one-on-1 relationships.

You keep the cards of people you want to do business with

Once you have scanned them, you can keep a tidy collection of business cards in a folder or file rotary. This will give you a great visual record of your network. A business card that is effective can have logos and designs that remind you to contact prospects or check in on customers you haven’t seen in a while.