Consulting With a Tax Law Attorney

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Written By AndrewPerry

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Only two things are certain in life – death and taxes. Unfortunately, the certainty of taxes is somewhat disputable. While they may always happen, it can be difficult to assess your own tax burden successfully. For individuals, this may lead to an audit and fines. For a business, this may lead to far worse. If you are worried about your tax liability, your best choice is to contact a tax attorney. Whether you want to have representation against the IRS or merely make sure that your business is set up in such a way that taxes can be minimized, these individuals can be of great service.

Perhaps the most common time during which one might consult with a tax law attorney is after receiving a notice that he or she is about to be audited. This can be a frightening time, especially if something has legitimately gone wrong with one’s taxes. A tax law attorney, though, can help to take some of the pressure off of his or her client. He or she can provide representation when dealing with the IRS, allowing the client to have support when dealing with a very frightening situation. If the audit find that something is wrong, the lawyer can also provide representation.

Of course, it is wise to get in contact with a tax attorney long before this sort of worst-case scenario. If you run a business or work as an independent contractor, it may be a good idea to consult with a tax attorney at least once a year. He or she can let you know about the laws that have changed, and can help you structure your business dealings in such a way that you can receive the minimum tax consequences. A lawyer can not make every tax and fee disappear, but he or she can help you to prepare for the coming year.

A tax attorney can be a great asset. Whether you are already in trouble or merely want to make sure that you can stand up to an audit in the future, a phone call to one of these attorneys can often be one of the best moves that you can make. Always make sure to contact an attorney that is skilled in this rather specialized area of the law, and make sure that he or she is willing to help you. If you can accomplish this, you can rest much more easily when tax time comes around next year.