Soft tissue injuries and car accidents

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Millions of Americans drive a car every day. Millions more are passengers. Car accidents happen every day because there are so many people on the roads. Some of these accidents result in minor injuries, but others can cause serious property and personal injuries.

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Even if it hasn’t happened yet, there is still a chance of it happening. This article will discuss soft tissue injuries, which are the most common type of injury from car accidents. Whiplash is the most frequent soft tissue injury. Other injuries include bruises, sprains and strains.

What are Soft Tissue Injuries and How Can They Be Avoided?

Soft tissue injuries are any injuries to the body’s soft areas (ligaments and tendons, muscles, etc.). Examples of soft tissue injuries are:

  • Sprains: Injury to a ligament caused by the overextension or a joint
  • Contusions: bruises

Strains are when you overuse a muscle or tendon.

Soreness, swelling and stiffness can all be signs of soft tissue injuries. Vehicle accidents are prone to these types of injuries due to the impact of collisions between vehicles and how much force it exerts on the occupants. Depending on the severity of the accident, vehicle occupants can be violently jolted or thrashed by the impact.

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Whiplash Soft tissue injuries and car accidents

Whiplash is the most severe type of soft tissue injury caused by car accidents. Whiplash is also known as cervical strain/sprain and hyperextension injury. Whiplash is caused by the force of a rear-end collision causing your neck and head to vibrate violently. Whiplash can be described as:

  • Stiffness in the neck
  • Sharp neck pain
  • Problems with your back
  • Cognitive problems, such as memory and concentration issues

These symptoms may appear immediately following an accident, but can often develop over several hours or even days.

Whiplash can seem mild at first, especially if symptoms take a while to manifest. Neck trauma can cause serious and severe injury. Chronic pain and discomfort can result in the victim’s neck and back if it is not treated. Whiplash victims should seek medical attention even if their injuries appear minor.

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Soft tissue injuries can be treated with immobilization, neck brace, physical therapy or pain medication. Consult your doctor if you have any injuries.

Soft Tissue Injuries Medical Attention

Soft tissue injuries caused by car accidents can be difficult to spot at first. Many soft tissue injuries are not visible on x-rays. Injured persons may require more specialized imaging tests such as MRI and CT scans. For diagnosing and treating neck injuries or neck pain, professional medical attention is essential.

A car accident injury claim will include medical records. If you are involved in litigation, medical documents may be used as evidence to prove the existence of injuries and the extent of damages.

Soft Tissue Injuries, Fault in a Car Accident

Motor vehicle accidents result in liability for damages depending on who is at fault. The consequences of determining fault can have significant consequences. These include automobile insurance rates and compensation from insurance companies. To prove liability, police reports and traffic laws are important.

Sometimes, police may not be able to attend every crash. Even if the police are called, they may not show up to every crash. Police respond to a call and conduct an investigation. A report may be prepared, which could include the identity of the party they believe is at fault. Both juries and insurance companies often rely on the police investigation reports as official records.

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It is possible to determine who is responsible for the accident by violating traffic laws. Violation of a traffic law can be a sign that the driver was negligent. If a driver is required to yield to oncoming traffic, but fails to do so, this evidence could be a significant asset in proving who was negligent.

A Car Accident Causes Soft Tissue Injuries? An injury lawyer can help

The damage to your soft tissues and whiplash may not be obvious if you are in an accident. You can seek help from a doctor to assess your medical injuries. A lawyer can help you determine if someone caused harm or was reckless. You may also be eligible for damages to compensate you. Contact an injury lawyer in your area today to get started.