Do I have to handle my own personal injury claim?

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You may be wondering if it makes sense to hire an attorney if you believe you have a valid case for personal injury. You may be able, with a little bit of knowledge about the insurance process, organization and patience, to handle your personal injury case without hiring a lawyer.

First, be confident advocating for yourself even if or when things get contentious. Some types of injury cases, such as medical malpractice suits, injuries related to defective products and cases involving permanent or severe disabilities, shouldn’t be handled inexperienced hands. Find out when you might require a lawyer, and how to choose the right lawyer for your case.

If you were not hurt too badly and there was no property damage to your home, you may be able to represent yourself – provided you feel confident and comfortable doing this.

Let’s take a look at some reasons why it may be logical to handle your personal injury claim by yourself.

Claims can be quite simple

Contrary to what some lawyers and the insurance industry would have you believe, it is possible to settle a personal injury case with an insurance company. The majority of claims require only a few letters and phone calls to an adjuster without any legal training. You don’t have to be fluent in technical language or follow complex legal rules. Your right to receive compensation often rests on common sense observations about who was negligent and who wasn’t, the severity of your injuries, and your willingness and ability to negotiate until you get a fair offer. Tip: Do not accept the first offer from an insurance company to settle your personal injuries case.

The Compensation System is a little structured

Fair compensation is not something that can be determined by a single expert. Instead, there are a few simple factors that go into determining the value of any claim, such as type of accident, injuries and medical costs. The range of what an insurance company is willing to pay for a claim falls within a narrow range. Find out how insurance companies value injury claims.

You Know Your Claim Best

You know more than anyone, even lawyers and insurance adjusters, how your accident occurred. They weren’t there. You were there. You know the extent of your injuries, your current physical condition, and how it has affected your daily life. These are often the most important aspects to consider when you settle an injury claim.

There are ways to save money on your fees

A lawyer may not be able negotiate a 10% to 25% increase in your recovery, except in complex cases. Once you have understood the claims process, however, they might not be able to negotiate additional 10% to 25%. A lawyer will charge 33% to 40% of the recovery as a contingency fee and additional costs for administrative services, such as copying and hosting conference calls. Add the costs and fees of a lawyer to the amount you might receive, and you will see how much more you can do on your own. You should always seek the advice of an experienced lawyer if you have suffered serious injuries, especially if they resulted in permanent or temporary disability.