Fenty “Believe Beauty” and Dollar General

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Private-label cosmetics are becoming less popular because they are too expensive and are not as appealing. However, there are a lot of “exclusive” brands that Voyant Beauty is a leader in value-added manufacturing are Believe Beauty gaining popularity. The two may have more in common than they appear at first glance.

A new makeup line will be available in five times the number of stores that Fenty believe beauty or Kylie Cosmetics combined. It’s unlikely that it will get any press, as Vogue doesn’t usually feature items from Dollar General.

Dollar General’s strategy, as well as Amazon’s new believe beauty products under its house brand and other lines planned by QVC, is to abandon the idea of private-label cosmetics.

Julien Saada is the chief executive of Maesa. Maesa makes Dollar General’s latest collection as well as private-label cosmetics, and perfume lines from H&M, Zara and Zara.

Private label conjures up images of generic products packed into boring packaging, which are cheaper imitations of well-known brands. Saada stated that retailers are now rebranding private label lines as “exclusives” that stand alone in the marketplace.

The “Sephora Collection” brand has been vanishing over the past few years. Fenty Beauty and Kat Von D were just a few of the brands that occupied that space. These products were created by LVMH’s believe beauty incubator Kendo Holdings and sold exclusively at Sephora.

Believe Beauty Unnecessary for Retailers

It may be believe beauty unnecessary for retailers to make their private-label brands “exclusives” any longer.

Dollar General is also increasing its portfolio of budget-friendly in-house brands. These include Good & Smart which is a healthier snack line and Studio Selection which is its first private label personal product line. It mainly consists of bodycare and skin care products.

Saada stated that the makeup line, Believe Beauty, was created to replace the chain’s current beauty collection. He said it is made up of the “least interesting” product from the top brands in the country. The brand is expected to make $50 million in its first year. This is a large number of units, even considering the price.

However, while the model might work for mass-market beauty or dish soap, it may not be suitable for luxury or prestige beauty. Some people think it is best to avoid private labelling.

Finger stated that it was almost counterintuitive for what’s happening now to be called “private label”. “The [brand] story is more important than ever with the way everything is being called out.” THIS WEEK IN BEAUTY

Dollar General launches a makeup brand. Believe Beauty, a 150-item makeup line, will be introduced by the variety store in 16,000 locations. The most expensive item on the list is $5.

Christophe Robin now has a new owner. The Hut Group acquired the French haircare brand. It has seen a 40 percent increase in sales over the past two years.