West Pines Behavioral Health

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Recovery is a journey. Start your journey here.

West Pines Behavioral Health offers hope, healing, and recovery for patients as well as their loved ones. Adults over 18 with psychiatric or substance abuse disorders can be served by our qualified medical and clinical team. We assist patients in living a fulfilled life.

Treatment of West Pines Behavioral Health conditions

We provide specialized treatment for many behavioral disorders and substance abuse disorders. Integrative treatment is also available for those with co-occurring disorders. This includes people who have a substance abuse disorder as well as an emotional or mental disorder. The holistic treatment we offer focuses on each patient’s physical, emotional, and spiritual well-being.

For those who are struggling with psychiatric issues, we offer safe and comfortable inpatient care.

For people with severe mental health issues, our inpatient program offers a safe place. The highly structured and secure environment promotes safety and well being while providing a comfortable and warm environment. Every patient has a psychiatrist assigned to them. They will help you plan your future and provide treatment at West Pines.

24 hour nursing careMedication managementDaily therapy groups led by experienced cliniciansPositive regard, and compassionate care

Our addiction psychiatrists can help you identify the root causes of your inability to get sober. These problems include depression, grief and trauma. To avoid relapse, it is important to address co-occurring disorders in substance abuse disorder treatment.

Our partner, The Phoenix, is a non-profit organization that creates a supportive and active community for people who have recovered from addiction to alcohol or other drugs.

West Pines Behavioral Health offers a premier detox

West Pines Behavioral Health, a leading inpatient and detox center for alcohol and drug addiction in Wheat Ridge, CO, may require a supervised medical detoxification before entering residential treatment.

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