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What changed in the requirements?

Indoor exercise is more likely to transmit COVID-19. It is possible to exercise indoors, provided that there is adequate ventilation and sanitation. Greater indoor West Seattle Health Club spaces that have fewer people are safer than smaller indoor spaces with more people.

This Phase 2 and 3 updated guidance for indoor fitness is intended to provide limited access to indoor fitness and training facilities that are staffed. Individuals are encouraged to exercise outside whenever possible in all instances. The governor’s office worked closely with

These changes will be discussed with industry stakeholders.

What is the maximum number of people allowed to participate in an outdoor fitness class during Phase 2 or Phase 3?

Outdoor classes are permitted with a maximum number of five people from different households. The minimum distance between each person and the other members of their group must be six feet. Although multiple cohorts can be led by one instructor, a buffer zone between them must be established. These activities may require permits or permission from businesses. For more information, contact the county or city where the park is located.

For more information, please refer to the Sporting Activities guide.

Is it allowed to hold classes in West Seattle Health Club outdoor structures?

Outdoor classes can be held under temporary or permanent outdoor structures, provided that adequate ventilation is available. These new requirements will impact “small group” sessions in Phase 2 of Fitness & Training’s August 3rd Phase 2.

This document is an update to the previous requirements. The minimum 6 feet rule between members when exercising has been restored. The Phase 2 300-square-foot and Phase 3 200-square foot rules are specific to the facility’s capacity. They are based on square footage in each room and not the entire building.

When will locker rooms be fully reopened?

Businesses and organizations participating in Phase 2 will not have access to the following areas: saunas, steam rooms, and showers. Locker rooms should be used only for hand washing and toilets, or as necessary to use a water recreation facility that is authorized under the StaffedWater Recreation Facilities COVID-19 Requirements.

Locker rooms with showers for Phase 3 companies and organizations are permitted, but saunas or steam rooms must be kept closed.

Facilities West Seattle Health Club must post and encourage signage to minimize time in the locker rooms. If the facility offers personal services such as tanning beds or other personal services, they must comply with the COVID-19 Phase 2 and 3 requirements.