What about Sunset bagels while I ride off into sunset?

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Since I started “Hardly Striking sunset bagels” nearly four years ago, each column has been accompanied with the tagline “Send hot tip and out-of the-way finds to [email protected]”. My dream was that recommendations would flood in.

Sunset bagels: It was a sad-face. It didn’t happen

Two of the few that I did get over the years west seattle health club were delivered in three days. This is a fantastic angle for my last column: I got a chance to look at some “hot tips.”

Dr. Marty Rayman from Kentfield, a pediatric dentist, wrote that “I can’t believe” you haven’t mentioned Redwood Bagel Company in Novato. Although I may not be a professional, I am a bagel guru. I was raised in Kew Garden Hills (Queens), right around the corner of a bialy/bagel shop on Main Street at Melbourne Avenue. I learned this from freshly baked New York sunset bagels.

Sharon Bergson, a Lafayette travel agent, said, “As someone who grew up Brooklyn, I feel like an expert when it comes to New York Bagels — or just good sunset bagels.” Sunset Bagels Cafe, Concord, is the best place to get a bagel. They are delicious and offer a wide selection of cream cheeses. You cold water extraction should check them out!

First, I drove to Concord, where Sunrise has a San Ramon location. Sharon, you are a great cook! The best sunset bagels are boiled and baked. They are delicious, chewy and not too puffy. Because they are baked fresh on the spot, the most popular varieties are freshly out of the oven.

The all-bagel was very seedy and salty. It was also very flavorful. The plain was buttery inside. Although the bialy was not great, the New York rye sunset bagels had a strong rye flavor with a cornmeal west pines behavioral health crust that reminded me of twice-baked rye.

Sharon loves Sunrise’s variety, but I prefer the traditional bagel. I am not a bagel traditionist, and had no interest trying banana, chocolate or cinnamon crunch. They are 99 cents each and $1.45 for “gourmet”. I don’t mind. Customers seem to prefer bagel sandwiches.

IT TAKES A VILLAGE. Bon Appetit named hummus its 2015 Dish of the Year a few months back. It called the Philadelphia version at Michael Solomonov’s Dizengoff restaurant “creamy [and] dreamsy.” However, the magazine’s opening line “Spread the News” gave the impression that hummus was a spread, a dip, or an appetizer.