Prince Phillip Sleeping: Really named after Prince Philip

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At the age of 99, Prince Philip the Duke was laid to rest. His passing was a shock to all who knew him. He was a member of the most beloved monarchy in the world, and the longest-serving consort of history. Many mourned the prince on social media, but others took comfort in watching Disney’s Prince Phillip sleeping asleep.

Phillip is a young girl’s ideal husband, according to Disney’s logic. He is strong, handsome and sensitive. He is also funny, faithful, and totally unrealistic. Because they believe in the same concepts, love at first sight and marriage after one dance is Aurora’s ideal match, he’s Aurora’s perfect match.

He believes so strongly in these concepts that he can break Maleficent’s curse by one kiss. Phillip is the same as Aurora. He’s shown in the film as a young boy when he was betrothed. Phillip is a bit older than Aurora and probably a bit smarter and more educated.

Because the age difference is crucial in the creation of their wedding plans. The passive Aurora can leave important decisions and concerns to the wiser, older man. Phillip is created by animators so that the audience has complete faith in him. According to this fairy tale’s morality, he will always do the right things. We can easily predict what he will do. Phillip is not a surprise.

Despite Aurora and Phillip seeming to defy their elders (the fairies, Hubert), they end up being filial and deferential children who take their rightful place.

Sleeping Prince Phillip

Sometimes fairy tales are “As old and timeless” as the tales of the Sleeping Prince Phillip sleeping. Folktales all over the globe have parallels to this story, including the Norse mythology Brynhildr. Historians have also traced a path through literature.