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Victoria Beckham’s eponymous She’s a beauty brand was launched in May 2013. Since then, a slew of celebrities have announced or launched their own skincare, cosmetics and fragrance brands. Victoria Beckham is more than just a celebrity. She’s also a pop culture and fashion powerhouse. Victoria Beckham She’s not a beauty brand that exists to profit from any beauty trend. Victoria Beckham She’s a beauty (VBB), is designed with sustainability in mind.

Beckham’s products, like many She’s a Beauty

VBB began as an edited collection that included eye products such as shadows and smudgy liner back in 2019. VBB now includes Posh lipsticks and sheer lip tints. It also features a Harper’s Bazar Anti-Aging Award-winning serum, which was created in partnership with Augustinus Bär. She confirms that a new mascara and a fragrance have been added recently. Beckham’s products, like many She’s a beauty brands, are made with natural ingredients. Beckham’s products, unlike other She’s beauty brands are packaged in durable jars or tubes. This allows them to feel special and decadent while still being practical. They are easy to use, wearable, and remove easily. It is the only makeup that we have used during quarantine.

Beckham claims she has used her time in quarantine for experimentation with different makeup looks. Like many others, Beckham has had to take control of her beauty routine. She adds, “I really enjoyed that.” Harper and I have had a great time doing home facials, hair masks, manicures, and other such things.

She says, “I don’t like the look of lots and tonnes of heavy products.” “I understand that everyone likes different things but that’s not what I wanted. I wanted something modern. Beckham’s definitions of modernity aren’t rooted in 2021. Sarah Creal and I wanted to create a beauty brand of tomorrow when we started this journey. It was important to focus on sustainability and clean formulas. We also wanted to make everything inclusive. She says that there is so much more she wants to do. Every corner of the brand is committed to sustainability. Products are made from sturdy glass and minimal plastic. They are also shipped with recycled and biodegradable corn-based materials.